Season 1, Episode 12
Vowel Play
Air date September 19, 1990
Written by Dean Stefan
Duane Capizzi
Stephen Sustarsic
Chuck Tately
Story Editor Ken Koonce
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Vowel Play is the twelfth episode from season 1 of TaleSpin.


While he is in school, Kit constantly misspells "spinach" in front of the class, always being corrected by his teacher. At one point, he adds "ick" to it because he doesn't like to eat it ("let alone spell it"). Finally, his hand aches when he finally spells it right.

Guest CharactersEdit

  • Heimlich Menudo is the main antagonist of the episode. He is a leopard criminal who worships diamonds so much, he even has some as teeth. Heimlich has a plan called the "Heimlich Maneuver" in order to rob Cape Suzette of all diamonds. He is voiced by the late Kenneth Mars.
  • Weazell is the secondary antagonist. He is Heimlich's right-hand weasel (which he doesn't like being called) and is a client of Rebecca Cunningham in her sky-writing business. David Lander voiced him.
  • Detective Thursday is a supporting character. He is a dog detective. Jack Angel did his voice.


  • This is the episode where Baloo is naked except his hat.
  • This is the first episode to reveal Kit going to school.

Quotes Edit

Teacher: There is no "ick" in Spinach, Kit.

Rebecca: Brilliant, Baloo! What were two o's doing in "Chicken Soup"?

Baloo: Oh no gone with the wind again.