Captain Rick Sky is a legendary fighter pilot who appears in the TaleSpin episode "Bygones".


He's a responsible, independent, courteous, kind, selfless, knowledgeable, wise, relaxed, intelligent, confident, kind-hearted, supportive, keen and daring bear.


Rick Sky was born about thirty years previous to the War. Brought up in a middle-class family, Rick was an extremely bright and good-natured lad with sharp eyes and catlike poise and coordination. As he grew older he also developed a passion for aircraft, which in that time were an exciting new innovation. Extremely polite and honorable to a fault, Rick always put others' needs before his own, even at risk to his own reputation.

By the time Rick neared thirty years of age, the Great War broke out. Rick had already passed civilian flight training with flying colors and just received his pilot's license. Eager to serve his country as well as perfect his flying skills, Rick volunteered as one of the very first air fighter pilots in history.

Before long, Rick Sky had racked up numerous victories and was the toast of the Allied army. With his promotion to Captain, Rick was awarded command of a half-dozen crack pilots. Rick immediately requested seven Stropwith Dromedaries — the most advanced fighter planes of the War era — and divided them among his new companions. Dubbed the "Squadron of Seven," the newly-reorganized group proved to be the best in the war and gained a reputation as fierce and valiant fighters.


He typically wears a captain's uniform.


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