Polly Wants a Treasure
Season 1, Episode 11
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Air date September 18, 1990
Written by Bruce Talkington
Directed by Jamie Mitchell
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A parrot Ignatz found in a chest leads Baloo and Kit to buried pirate treasure while Don Karnage chases them.

Plot Summary Edit

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Baloo and Kit Cloudkicker buy junk from a hangar sale on a high atoll. A hangar sale is like a garage sale where a property owner tries to clear space by selling unwanted items. Kit wonders why Baloo is buying so much useless junk. Meanwhile Mad Dog and Dumptruck come to hangar sale, and atack the salesman, demanding to give them chest of pirate captain Onetoomany. The salesman say to them that Baloo took it.

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In Sea Duck, Kit discover a parrot name Ignatz. Baloo is anoyed with the parrot. Mad Dog and Dumptruck catch with Baloo, and trash his plane in search for chest. As they leave with the chest Baloo yells them to take the parrot with them.

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At Higher for High, Rebecca is angry at Baloo because her crystal glasses are broken, Baloo excuses himself, telling Pirates did that, but Becky doesn't believe him.

At Karnage's hideout, Mad Dog and Dumptruck think they made the mission successful, but Don Karnage is not happy, and smack Mad Dog. Mad Dog tells Karnage about the parrot, so Karnage tells him and Dumptruck that mission was to catch the parrot, because he is a living map for Juan Onetoomany's treasure.

Mad Dog and Dumptruck go to seak the parot, and Dumptruck discuse into a bird watcher to try to buy the bird from Baloo.

Ignatz tells Kit about the treasure, and they go without Baloo to seek for it.

Kit is sky-surfing above the island, and lands on it, when he and Ignatz are discovered by Air Pirates. They chase them, manage to catch them, and in short fight Ignatz manage to escape, but Don Karnage and his men got Kit.

Karnage thinks Kit know where is treasure, but Kit say he doesn't know. Kit also say Karnage never gets Ignatz, but Karnage says, "Early birds get the worm, and you are the worm", on what Dumptruck says, "I like little worms, especially with French fries".

Ignatz finds Baloo, and they talk. Ignatz say Pirates got Kit. Than Baloo and Ignatz hear Kit laughing and begging, and go to see, finding him being tied to tree, while Mad Dog is tickling his feet with one of Ignatz's feathers pulled from a fight and Dumptruck also burst out laughing.

Baloo says how he can't stand it, and that they have to do something. Ignatz quickly thinks, and calls out Karnage, telling him Baloo came to save Kit. Karnage orders his idiotic minions to go to catch the bird, but they are too stupid to run over him, and start fighting Baloo.

Ignatz frees Kit, and then Karnage, who is half conscious, finds out that Kit has escaped. Karnage calls his men, who defeated Baloo.

Baloo, Kit and Ignatz go to Sea Duck, but are chased by Pirates.

They go caves, Baloo finds the treasure, but Kit is captured by Pirates again. Baloo and Ignatz find out that only thing that connects them is Kit, and that they have to save him.

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Kit manage to escapes to Mad Dog and Duptruck by stepping on their feet, but is caught by Karnage, who holds sword on his neck, telling Baloo if he doesn't tell where treasure is, something very bad is going to happen. So Baloo gives him the treasure, by opening hole in ground.


Baloo, Kit and Ignatz manage to escape, but the cave colapse with Pirates (who survive).

At home Ignatz in fancy suit gives Kit money that he got from selling his story, how he saved Baloo and Kit from Air Pirates, to recover Becky lost glasses.

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