Molly Elizabeth Cunningham[1] is the daughter of Rebecca Cunningham.

Physical appearance Edit

Molly is a nauseatingly adorable and unbearably beautiful 6 year old, yellow-furred, anthropomorphic female pink-nosed bear cub. She has blue ribbons tied into bows around her ears (giving her the look of pigtails), a pink short-sleeved polo shirt, frilly white diaper-like panties and lavender short-alls.

Personality Edit

In addition to her cuteness and beauty, Molly is an adventurous little tomboy who even at six years old, is not afraid to speak her mind just like her mother; sometimes she pretends she is "Danger Woman" (the action/adventure heroine of a popular kids radio program) while seeking adventure along with Kit and Baloo.

Trivia Edit

  • Her middle name, "Elizabeth", is revealed in "Mommy for a Day" and she is the only character to have any middle name revealed.
  • Rebecca nicknames her "Pumpkin".
  • Molly has a thing for her favourite ice cream brand, "Frosty Pep".
  • Molly Cunningham never been met with Oscar Vandersnoot (from TaleSpin episode:"Captain Outrageous"), but they have the same age of 6, & the same height, however.
  • No mention was ever made of Molly's father, as series creator Jymn Magon reportedly said that Rebecca is either a widow or divorced, although at a 1998 U.S. fan convention Q&A online chat he did state in roundabout tones that she is actually divorced as originally written in the first TaleSpin press release.
    • However this would clash with the comic The Long Flight Home which, although more centered toward Kit's past, states that her father died.
  • It is never shown if she goes to school or not.
  • She likes to cross the street by herself.


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