Lotta Lamour is the vixen crown princess of the Kingdom of Macadamia and she appeared in the TaleSpin episode "The Road to Macadamia". She is voiced by Kath Soucie.


She's known in this kingdom for her intelligence, beauty, and power, but her monarch rabbit father King Amuck is, unfortunately, seemingly dim-witted.


She wears a pink veil, orange striped skirt, dark green bracelets on both wrists and left ankle.


Lotta became not only the target for Baloo and Louie's affections during a cargo pick-up to the country, but also of the power-hungry buzzard Chancellor Trample who wants to marry her in order to run the kingdom after staging a palace coup d'etat by withholding back the tax money of the national treasury to create a public uprising. Fortunately, Lotta was able to foil the Chancellor's plot with Louie and Baloo. Although she liked both of them, she didn't fall for either one of them but was grateful for restoring her and her father's kingdom back to the justifiable rulers.


  • Given that she's a fox whereas her father is a rabbit, they may not be related.


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