A Bad Reflection on YouA Baloo SwitcherooA Spy in the Ointment
A Star is TornA Touch of GlassAce London
Air PiratesAirplane JaneAlan Roberts
All's Whale That Ends WhaleAustin FeatheridgeBabyface Half Nelson
BalooBaloo ThunderBarney O'Turret
Bearly AliveBobboBonkers(TV Series)
Bringing Down BabyfaceBroadcast SallyBuffy and Muffy Vanderschmere
Bullethead BalooBuzzCape Suzete clif guns
Cape SuzetteCape Suzette cliff gunsCaptain Hotspur
Captains OutrageousChancellor TrampleCharlie Adler
Chip n Dale Rescue RangersChuck McCannCiara
Citizen KhanClementine ClevengerColonel Grogg
Contractual DesperationCool Hands LukeCovington
Crazy EdieDaring Dan DawsonDebi Derryberry
Destiny Rides AgainDetective ThursdayDoctor Axolotl
Doctor CooperDoctor DeboltDoctor Zibaldo
Don KarnageDouble or NothingDouglas Benson
DuckTalesDumptruckEd Gilbert
El GatoErnieFeminine Air
Finance Minister LaFongFlight School ConfidentialFlight of the Snow Duck
For Whom the Bell KlangsFor a Fuel Dollars MoreFrank Welker
From Here to MachineryGallery:Polly Wants a TreasureGarth
Giant SquidGibberGoof Troop
Gruel and Unusual PunishmentHacksawHal
Heimlich MenudoHer Chance to DreamHoward Huge
I Only Have Ice for YouIce Cream ChestIgnatius
In Search of Ancient BlundersInspector BurrowIron Vulture
It Came from Beneath the Sea DuckIvanod SpigotJack Angel
Jack CaseJanna MichaelsJennifer Darling
Jim CummingsJockJoe Magee
Joe McGeeJohn StephensonJolly Molly Christmas
Jumping the GunsKatie DoddKenneth Mars
Khan IndustriesKhan TransportKing Amuck
Kit CloudkickerKitten KaboodleLast Horizons
List of Talespin episodesLorenzo MusicLotta Lamour
LouieLouie'sLouie's Last Stand
Louie's PlaceLouise L'AmourMacKnee
Mad DogMark L. TaylorMichael Bell
Michael GoughMickMolly Coddled
Molly CunninghamMommy for a DayMr. Perry
Mr. PomeroyMr. SultanMrs. Morrissey
Mrs. SnarlyMrs. VandersnootMy Fair Baloo
MyraMyra FoxworthyO'Roarke
Officer GertalinOfficer MalarkeyOn a Wing and a Bear
Oscar VandersnootOwl CaponePat Fraley
Patrick ZimmermanPirate IslandPizza Pie in the Sky
Plunder & LightningPolly Wants a TreasurePolly Wants a Treasure/Gallery
Prince NeverhasbeenbrokePrince RudolfPrincess Grace
Professor CrackpotkinProfessor Martin TorqueProfessor O'Bowens
Quack PackR.J. WilliamsRalph Throgmorton
RatchetRebecca CunninghamRick Sky
Rob PaulsenRobert ItoSally Struthers
Save the TigerSea DuckSergeant Dunder
SeymourSheepskin DeepShere Khan
Sheriff Gomer Cleghorn and Deputy WendellStormy WeatherTaleSpin
TaleSpin (Genesis video game)TaleSpin (LCD Game)TaleSpin (TV series)
TaleSpin (TurboGrafx-16 Video Game)TaleSpin (video game)TaleSpin Wiki
TaleSpin soundtrackThaddeus E. KlangThe Balooest of the Bluebloods
The Bigger They Are, the Louder They OinkThe Golden Sprocket of FriendshipThe High Marshal
The Idol RichThe Long Flight HomeThe Old Man and the Sea Duck
The PoolThe Time BanditThe Volcano Of Gold
ThembriaTheme SongTime Waits for No Bear
TinyTony JayTony Pope
Trader MoeUnknown PantherVowel Play
Waiders of the Wost TweasureWallyWalters
Wan LoWar of the WeirdsWarden Slammer
Whistlestop JacksonWhistlestop Jackson, LegendWildcat
William Stansbury
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