The Real Kitten Kaboodle

Kitten Kaboodle

Kitten Kaboodle (voiced by Tress MacNeille) is a seductive yet unbearably beautiful and insanely ravishing blonde feline ex-Starrywood (the show's version of Hollywood) starlet with a husky Lauren Bacall-like voice who acts like a femme fatale who can manipulate any hapless male under spell. She's kinky, intelligent, treacherous, temperamental, evil, negative, kooky, arrogant, boorish, obnoxious, obsequious, dramatic, loud-mouthed, emotional, keen, immature, traitorous, testy, envious, nefarious, kind-hearted (formerly), abusive, bratty, outgoing (formerly), open-minded (formerly), dependable (formerly), loathsome and egotistical.

Physical appearanceEdit

Kitten Kaboodle is an extremely slender cat.


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