Colonel Ivanod Spigot is an unnaturally short boar with a Napoleon complex and prominent lisp who is the head of Thembria's "Glorious People's" Air Force and secondary antagonist.


He never took a single flying lesson in his life, until he accidentally gave the High Marshall the idea to shoot every C.O. in Thembria who failed an upcoming flight exam. He considers himself to be highly famous, and always introduces himself thus: "Perhaps you've heard of me?" His grandmother was, apparently, devoured by polar bears, though whether as punishment for losing a national artifact (as that is the crime that warrants that punishment) or accident is unknown.

He's a cranky, obedient, loud-mouthed, observant, negative, efficient, loyal, ill-tempered, violent, arrogant, negative, opportunistic, dignified, self-absorbed, persnickety, ingenious, grouchy, obsequious, timid, cantankerous, obnoxious, sometimes likable, sometimes optimistic, sometimes nice, envious, sometimes lion-hearted, spoiled, sometimes polite, impatient, greedy, obstinate and tenacious boar.


  • He's voiced by Michael Gough.
  • A running gag in the series involved characters getting his name wrong, with the incorrect name always having something to due with water as a play on his name being Spigot.


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