Don Karnage
Vital statistics
Title Captain of the Air Pirates
Gender Male
Race Canine
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Personality Dishonest, obsessive, negative, kooky, arrogant, ruthless, nefarious, abusive, greedy, evil, devious, overbearing, nasty, kind (briefly), athletic, rude, naughty, assertive, grumpy, eccentric, dramatic, obsequious, noisy, gluttonous, ambitious, reverent (briefly), bold, affectionate (sometimes), rough, good-tempered (sometimes), even-tempered (sometimes), knowledgeable, annoying, righteous, neglectful, mean-spirited, cranky, amiable (sometimes), pushy, timid (sometimes), assertive, intelligent, nice (sometimes), courteous (sometimes), active, protective, patient and nosy
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Occupation Air Pirate
Home Pirate Island
Friends His crew of pirates.
Enemies Baloo, Kit, Law Enforcement Officials
Quote "It is I, Don Karnage, speaking to you with my voice."
Airpirates2 01

Don Karnage and his pirates

Don Karnage (voiced by Jim Cummings) is the leader of the dreaded Air Pirates and commander of the massive airship the Iron Vulture. He is usually a major antagonist in the series. He is an indeterminate breed of canine with a spanish accent. A skilled pilot and ruthlessly cunning with an oversized ego that makes him blunder with whatever scheme or raid he conducts with his brigands, he speaks with "t" and "d" as dental consonants rather than normal English Alveolar consonants. When dog-fighting (no pun intended) he flies a hybrid that appears to be based on a low-flying monoplane but with wings added so that is actually a triplane. Voice actor Jim Cummings has cited Desi Arnaz's character Ricky Ricardo as an inspiration


And yet, Don Karnage appears to have a soft side as in the episode "Stuck On You" as well. He cannot bring himself to crucify a helpless Baloo.

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