Clementine Clevenger

Clementine Clevenger (voiced by Kath Soucie) is a tall, smart, and earthy blonde feline dressed up in Western clothing and speaks with an American Southern accent in the TaleSpin episode "Citizen Khan".


She has blonde hair and wears cowgirl gear.


She is the unwitting secretary/court reporter/Girl Friday of the corrupt and self-appointed Sheriff Gomer in the small, Western frontier-type mining town of Boomstone owned by Khan Industries and where the Higher for Hire crew of Baloo, Kit, and Wildcat are forced to land by the unscrupulous sheriff and his dim-witted deputy Wendell. Fed up with the corrupt Gomer for hijacking and kidnapping people to mine for the highly volatile and yet-to-be valuable substance urgonium and hiding it from Khan, she (and the other residents of the town/mine) mistakes Wildcat for the corporate magnate after an explosion blackens his face with tiger-like markings that make him look like Khan (and he decides to impersonate Khan after Baloo convinces him to do so in order to allow them to leave), for whom she has a deep admiration.

When the mistreated miners hold Wildcat hostage in order to leave the mine, she sneaks off to phone Khan's headquarters in Cape Suzette where she unknowingly speaks to the real Shere Khan about the situation, but she gets cut off by Gomer, who locks her up in her boarding room and Khan decides to investigate his own apparent kidnapping. After a daring escape and rescuing Baloo and Kit from Gomer's jail cell, she leads them to the mine where the sheriff and deputy blow-up the entrance and decide to make their getaway just as Khan arrives in his private plane to find out what is going on. In the aftermath of catching the crooked lawmen and meeting the CEO, she becomes the new foreman of the uranium mine. She appreciates Wildcat's gentleness, innocent sincerity and mechanical genius, with him having mutual feelings for her as well (calling her "Clem"), and they both fall in love.


She is a perceptive woman: able to tell who's good and who's bad. She's also shown to be cunning, given that she formed an escape rope with a bunch of cloths tied together.


  • She makes a cameo appearance in the episode "Sheepskin Deep".


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