Chancellor Trample

Chancellor Trample

Chancellor Trample is a conniving vulture out to usurp the throne of King Amuck in order to gain the riches of the royal house of Macadamia in the episode "The Road to Macadamia".


At first, he plans to do this by secretly raising taxes to make the king unpopular and the kingdom's citizens and coffers poor.[60] At the time of Baloo and Louie's arrival, he hatches another scheme to marry Amuck's daughter Princess Lotta L'Amour as the three of them attempt to uncover the plot despite him having his own small army of Royal Guard rhinos at his command.[60] When Trample's plans go awry, he confesses his crimes, begging to be locked up and tortured than endure more of Baloo and Louie's antics, which all parties agreed heartily.



He wears a purple turban and purple and violet clothes.